Check Processing Recovery customers have successfully completed their disaster recovery test plans at our facility.

"We require a unique solution for Remittance Disaster Recovery. Check Processing Recovery made the commitment to provide the type of facility we need. We have performed complete testing of all connectivity to our facility as well as the facility of our primary customers with great success. Check Processing Recovery has been very easy to work with and very responsive to our needs."

Anna Quinlan

President, RemitStream Solutions

Why CPR?
Check Processing Recovery (CPR) provides you comprehensive disaster recovery services in all areas of the payment processing industry, and for any general office type of business, at our fully equipped facility. We have the ability to provide your organization with a "Full Lifecycle" solution at a facility committed solely to disaster recovery. This provides our customers the peace of mind that their business can continue without missing a heartbeat.

Cold, Warm, Hot
At CPR, we develop customized solutions for cold, warm, and hot site backup requirements. We provide state of the art processing capabilities with a complete line of equipment in over 19,000 square feet of space.

Dedicated or Shared
Whether you require a traditional shared environment or a dedicated environment for elements of your business that require continuous updating, we can look at business critical functions and tailor the environment accordingly.

Ready When You Need Us
Our facility is ready when you need it. There is no waiting for resources to arrive at your site; we're ready for fast track recovery. We provide disaster recovery planning services, adequate test time to fully test your plan, and work with you until you're confident you can recover from any disaster.


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